The Passionet PC =)

I am currently researching computer’s and computer parts because I want to know more about them and how to build one. My research mostly consisted of going onto Amazon and looking around at what struck my interest. I did this because to build a computer knowing what parts make a computer would help.  For sources I only used Amazon, I used Amazon because it’s organized and easy to get around on the site. Some interesting things that I found are that the more expensive the product, the more likely it was a major brand name. Also I learned that ROCCAT makes most gaming keyboards available. My plan for next week is to continue my research on computers by going to other sites and learning how to build a computer. Although I didn’t find anything that I really found new to me, thus making it not interesting, I did have a question that occurred to me. Why would someone buy a $300.00 computer case? I will never get an answer to this question……..

Baja California Brah =)

🙂 !Welcome to Baja California! 🙂

Eat some Machaca and fish the day away this is Baja California! With some of the finest wineries in the world you can enjoy world class wine’s. But that’s not all! For all you history buffs out there you can learn about Baja California’s rich history, starting with the 3 original tribes, the Cochimi, Guaycura, and Pericu. If you want to enjoy a cruise go to Ensenda, one of the busiest cruise ships ports in Mexico!

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I believe that link #2 is credible because it was last updated in 2015 and when you do a check another source both sites have the same information.


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