Pc – Day #8 Prepare for the longest post you have ever seen…whahahahahahaha!

You will soon see why this will be a long post…

For this P – Day post I will be doing something different! For this post I will be explaining a computer I am building for my grandma. This is why it’s gonna be a long post, so sit back, relax, and read on!

CPU- For this build I didn’t use a CPU, instead I used something called a APU, (advanced processing unit). Although originally I was going to use a Intel Pentium, it lacked good integrated graphics and I would have needed to put in a GPU which was a little out of what my grandma wanted to spend, plus I wasn’t comfortable only having 2 cores. So since I needed good, but affordable graphics, and more cores, I went with a AMD A10 APU, more specifically an AMD A10 5800k. Although this is the cheapest of the AMD A10 APU series, the A10 series from AMD is their top of the line APU’s. This APU comes with 4 cores, Radeon HD 7660D graphics, and has a stock clock of 3.8 6GHz. This should handle anything it will be used for unless my grandma is a secret hardcore gamer.

Motherboard- Asus currently makes the most reliable motherboards on the market and this is makes their motherboards perfect for this build. Now the motherboard I got doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles like some do,( most of which people never use), which is good for my grandma. Having USB 3.0 is a huge advantage since it is faster then USB 2.0, other than that this is a pretty standard motherboard.

RAM- RAM stands for random access memory. For this build I went with a 2×2 kit of DDR3 1866, RAM. The 2×2 part means that each stick of RAM has 2GB of RAM, and there are 2 sticks of RAM. In total there is 4GB of RAM. The DDR3 part is simply referring to the type of RAM, and the 1866 part is referring to its rated clock speed.

Storage- Most computers use a storage unit called a Hard Drive or HDD. For this build though we used a SSD which is similar to a HDD, except faster. This SSD has 128GB of memory and is made by SanDisk. Nothin’ special really.

Case- It’s a case not much to say.

PSU- PSU stands for power supply unit. This PSU is made by Corsair and has a 80+ Bronze certification. This means that this is a high quality and power efficient PSU.

Other- The monitor is 20″ and is running at 60Hz, I got Windows’s 8.1 as a OS, and the mouse is cheapest one they have.

If you thought any of this was interesting I have another one I did here that is very similar.

In case you want to see pictures of the mentioned parts in the post click here.

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