Pc – Day #11 DO YOU EVEN XEON BRAH!?!?!??!?!?!?

So my next reflection post I will be doing is on CPU’s, (central processing unit). When it comes to CPU’s  there are 2 brands, Intel and AMD, (hey AMD sounds familiar…). Intel CPU’s have better single-core performance, but are more expensive than AMD CPU’s. When gaming, Intel CPU’s tend to be better. AMD CPU’s have more CPU cores and are less expensive, making them better for budget builds. There are also types of CPU’s; Server, Workstation, Gaming, and General Computing. A good server+workstation CPU has a lot of cores, is able to run 24/7, supports ECC RAM, and is reliable. Given the needs for a good server+workstation CPU, Intel’s Xeon line of CPU’s would be a better choice. Xeon CPU’s are meant to be server+workstation CPU’s. A gaming CPU has less cores, but faster single-core performance. A good CPU for general-computing could either be a AMD or Intel CPU. Personally for a general-computing CPU I would go with a AMD FX-6300 (costs 92$), a Intel Pentium (costs$ 70), or a Intel i3 (costs $100). Now on a personal note the next computer I will hopefully be building will have a Intel Xeon E3. Here’s a link to the complete build if you want to see it http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ZBfLxr

The image of the Xeon on the parts list counts as the image of the CPU since I couldn’t find on on the CC image search.

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